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iLo traps

Bruce Stiver
Occasional Advisor

iLo traps

Hi. Is there any way to include the iLOs as remote support eligible?
OSEM seems to stall any system that is not shown in the remote support eligible view.
Also mentions this in the release notes of the latest version.

However, we have the iLOs set to forward SNMP traps on out systems, especially those in the DMZ.
For example we have Box1. Traps gets sent by the iLO instead of OS. iLO name is Box1-rib.
Trap from OS, gets picked up by it's iLO and sent to SIM and OSEM fine.
But then stalls.

So the faults get to SIM and OSEM, but no support call is ever initiated.

Is there a way to make this work now or is this something HP will be including in the near future?

Otherwise, the trap forward option on the iLOs are almost not worth using.