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insight manager operations guide

mark q
Regular Advisor

insight manager operations guide

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to come up with an operations guide for sim.

I have about 1500 servers here and allot of the people (because they're new) are afraid of using sim.

So with that being said, I was wondering if you have ever seen any kind of operational guide?

The stuff that I'm looking for is simple things like - when to recompile the mibs etc etc etc if you see what I'm saying.

Anything anyone can help with would be a big help.
Honored Contributor

Re: insight manager operations guide

Start here and this will take you to a wealth of SIMS documentation:
mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: insight manager operations guide

Hi Rancher,

I've actually been looking there, and there was allot of helpful things but I'm looking for more of a Day to day operations guide.

I'm talking things like

- when to compile new mibs
- what to do to keep the lights on (database maintaince etc)

These are the things that I think that I'm lacking, I'm thinking of having hp come in to do training but this still doesn't get into the day to day maintaince aspect (sql server etc) along with the "keep it up to date" (i.e sim upgrades) mentality and what's involved with that..

I've been looking for over 2 weeks now for something like this and that's why I came here.