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latest windows updates nearly killed HP SIM

Bruce Langston
Occasional Contributor

latest windows updates nearly killed HP SIM

I am running HP SIM on on a VMware VM with 2.5GHz and 3GB memory, Windows Server 2008
Version: Systems Insight Manager 6.1 - Windows
Build version: C.
Build date: 2010-07-19 07:48
HOTFIX61_001_nnm.jar Mon, 8/30/2010, 10:32 AM EDT
HOTFIX61_002.jar Mon, 8/30/2010, 10:32 AM EDT
HOTFIX61_003.jar Tue, 8/31/2010, 1:19 PM EDT

I am monitoring over 500 devices with SQL Server Express 2008, 10.0.1600.22. I know this is borderline, but things had been working okay.
Last Thursday, I installed the latest Microsoft updates, including
I noticed fewer regular notifications over the weekend. By Monday morning, I was getting very poor or no response on the web interface to HP SIM and was getting disconnected. I logged into the server console and saw memory and CPU maxing out about 50% of the time with hundreds to thousands of hard faults, mostly mxdomainmgr. It got worse yesterday. This morning, I uninstalled the Windows updates. Response on the web interface is better, but still maxing out memory and CPU. Page faults are low now.
Any ideas?
Bruce Langston
Occasional Contributor

Re: latest windows updates nearly killed HP SIM

So, maybe it wasn't Windows Update. I uninstalled all the updates. HP SIM is unusable. It has stopped sending notifications. Logging in via the web works about one out of four tries. When it does, painting the default web page takes about two minutes.

Is the 500-object limit a hard one? I am monitoring 567 objects. It had been fairly stable at that point for several weeks. Is that the cause of the performance issues I'm seeing?

I notice that the CMS is creating several mxlog.txt files per day, hundreds of KB, since November 18.

Looking for a little idea, here.