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monitoring hp-ux 11iv3 via hp SIM...confused


monitoring hp-ux 11iv3 via hp SIM...confused

I am new to HP SIM, and we have an existing SIM server running on Windows 2003.

I have a new HPUX 11iv3 machine with the WBEM packages installed. A cimprovider -l lists plenty of providers.

So far, I have enabled the insight manager SNMP community, and having done a discovery, I can see very basic info.
I have also subscribed to the WBEM events, and now see a bit more, but I am a bit confused.

Do I need to leave the root password that I entered in the WBEM discovery options permanently or is that only used to establish the subscription? (so if my root password changes, do I need to re-enter it here everytime?)

In my syslog, I get an entry about password failed for user HPSIM... I tried adding a user on my hpux host called HPSIM, and giving it the same password as we have configured on Windows hosts that use the HPSIM user but if I specifiy that for the WBEM discovery account options instead of root, it still fails with invalid password in the syslog.

It would be nice if I could have a single common user (HPSIM?) across all the HPUX hosts, and have that entry in the WBEM subscriptions as the user account so I dont rely on root. Is that possible as I am not having much luck?

Once the machine is discovered and visible in SIM, can I remove the SNMP community (and disable snmp completely) or is it needed for SIM to function?

Today I also removed a power cable from the HPUX host, and although EMS picked it up, SIM did not have anything (that was when I had WBEM subscriptions working aswell)... do I need to do anything more to get EMS working?

Sorry for all the questions... I have been trying to get my head around this, but I am going round in circles.
Roman Belsky

Re: monitoring hp-ux 11iv3 via hp SIM...confused

Seems, you didn't install SFM on your HP-UX. Try to install last QPKBASE and next packages:
- WBEMServices
- HPUXBaseAux.SysMgmtBase
- SysMgmtWeb
- Online Diagnostics
- hpuxwsApache
- SysFaultMgmt
After simple configuration you will have full info about your HP-UX in SIM