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mxinitconfig -a failing

EB V3.0
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mxinitconfig -a failing

Hello All,
I am getting this issue in the instalation of SIM 5.1 u1 in a hpux v2

At the end of the output of mxinitconfig -a

15. Initialization and Database Population ............
Completed with error.

Details can be found in the log files at: /var/opt/mx/logs
Configuration failed to complete due to the following exception:
Cannot start HP Systems Insight Manager service.
Possible cause: HP Systems Insight Manager service is not properly installed.
Resolution: Make sure HP Systems Insight Manager service is correctly installed, restart HP Systems Insight Manager then run mxinitconfig again.
Details can be found in the log files at: /var/opt/mx/logs

I tried /opt/mx/bin/mxstart however didn´t do anything no erros neither alerts.

# /opt/mx/bin/mxstart
and then
#ps -ef | grep mx
but nothing is running.
Could you please help?
As i can understand the point 15 is failing due to SIM is not started but i can not get start it.
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Re: mxinitconfig -a failing

If you can put in mxdomainmgr logs, this might help to figure out what went wrong in initializing db. (You can send all the logs in your logs directory which can give all the history from installation)