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no tasks or event at all listed.

Sean Murray_1
Regular Advisor

no tasks or event at all listed.

After 5.1 update I was missing all data.
I edited database.props, and ending up having to run mxinitconfig to get all the user accounts, devices, and device groups back.
However, now I am missing all tasks - even the defaults. All my event handling is gone.
Are these not contained in the same database?
Occasional Visitor

Re: no tasks or event at all listed.

I am also missing all tasks, including defaults on the GUI. Blank page on "View all Schedule Tasks", "View Tasks Results" Everything else seems to be working fine and I can to some extend handle tasks through mxtask. Any advice on how to get tasks back on GUI?

Running C.
HOTFIX51_001.jar Wed, 1/31/2007, 10:28 AM EST
HOTFIX51_002.jar Wed, 1/31/2007, 5:24 PM EST
HOTFIX51_003.jar Fri, 2/9/2007, 12:08 PM EST
HOTFIX51_005.jar Tue, 4/24/2007, 6:23 PM EDT
HOTFIX51_008.jar Mon, 7/2/2007, 3:57 PM EDT
HOTFIX51_011.jar Wed, 8/29/2007, 5:49 PM EDT
HOTFIX51_012.jar Fri, 9/7/2007, 5:28 PM EDT
HOTFIX51_015.jar Mon, 10/8/2007, 2:12 PM EDT
HOTFIX51_016.jar Mon, 10/8/2007, 2:18 PM EDT