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openssh Install fails on previous 2k8 sim server now client

Occasional Advisor

openssh Install fails on previous 2k8 sim server now client

I have a server that at one time was running the System Insight Manager however I have installed this on a new server and now want to manage the previous server as a client of the system. SIM has been uninstalled as well as openssh. I was able to discover the system correctly via the new SIM server but when I run "Configure or repair agents" and select to install openssh the install never starts/complete. I simply see
Install Agent (START)....

Waiting for the required components to be located and copied....
Installing Open SSH for Windows systems.

which does not complete.

Is there a way to manually install openssh or something else I need to clean up/troubleshoot?
Occasional Advisor

Re: openssh Install fails on previous 2k8 sim server now client

I pulled the openssh installer of of the sim cd and manually installed it on the client.

then I followed the steps for manual installation from here

Separate OpenSSH Install
The OpenSSH install package can run from the HP SIM download or management CD, or can downloaded separately from the HP SIM website.
Once the installer has been run, the system must be configured for access by HP SIM. Either run the Configure or Repair Agents tool on the systems, specifying the administrator or other account to be used by SSH; or take the following steps:
a. The user used by HP SIM must be added to the passwd file using the sshuser utility on the managed system. (The example here shows user MyDomain\MyAdmin.)
sshuser â u MyAdmin â d MyDomain â f
"C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\etc\passwd"
b. The user must be an explicit member of the local administrators group, as domain groups are not checked by OpenSSH. If a domain user is used, add the user to Administrators if it is not already a member of this group.
net localgroup administrators MyDomain\MyUser /add
c. The command completed successfully. mxagentconfig should be run on the CMS to configure public key authentication for the administrator user
mxagentconfig -a -n -u administrator

Then I manually ran repair agents from sim.