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problem of Missing Agents

Black Eagle
Occasional Contributor

problem of Missing Agents

Dears, appreciate your help and support.

I have HP insight manager so when i try to check some HP servers through the insight manager , on the system management home page of the client i didn't find section of (Operating system ) and i'm not receiving any alerts from those HP servers belongs to CPU usage or disk busy or etc.. , i compared between two (System management home page) HP servers and noticed that the following components not reported in the HP servers which has the problem (HP NIC Agent - HP Server Agent - HP Storage Agent - HP Foundation Agent) i think the problem is i missing those agents , any one can help me how to get them or how to recover the system management components , even some of HP server appears in the main page of HP INsight manager as (Unkown) without any information.

Frequent Advisor

Re: problem of Missing Agents

In Insight Manager, go to Deploy -> Agents.

Black Eagle
Occasional Contributor

Re: problem of Missing Agents

Thanks for your reply , but what should i select from deploy menu to install the agents of (NIC - Server - Storage - Foundation )??

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: problem of Missing Agents

Download the latest PSP if you haven't already.
Run setup.exe included in the expanded file. This runs up the Remote Deployment or whatever it's called now.
Point it to one of the servers in question.

This should update the server with the latest and any missing agents and required drivers.

If you want you can pre-configure the agents to include things like the HPSIM Server certificate.