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psp/cpq_cciss again

Yvonne R
Occasional Visitor

psp/cpq_cciss again

Like alot of people I'm having a kernel mismatch when installing cpq_cciss on linux 5 x86_64

my linux version is 2.6.18-53.1.19.el5 and cpq_cciss 3.6.18-12 (latest one I find) gives me the kernel mismatch error

output is

he currently running kernel (2.6.18-53.1.19.el5) is not
supported by this rpm. The supported kernels are:


so psp installs fail, this is my first 64bit rhel distro i've tired rolling into prodution.

has anyone found the answer yet? getting desperate for answers (sacrificing the windows pc did nothing to help)

Honored Contributor

Re: psp/cpq_cciss again

You are installing PSP using just see the condition there for kernel version check and tweak it.
Yvonne R
Occasional Visitor

Re: psp/cpq_cciss again

I gave up on psp a few days ago and tried rpm'ng the cpq_ccis rpms individually. The only way we've gotten it to install is to back the kernel back down to a previous version.

I went through every version of the cpq_ccis and one just doesn't exist that will support this kernel version. The answer seems to be to not install the latest kernel patch until HP updates the driver. I can't find another way around this ...
Jimmy Vance

Re: psp/cpq_cciss again

Generally the latest cciss driver is in the kernel updates. Only time the cciss driver from HP is different is if a new controller or a fix has been added before the distros release a new kernel

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Re: psp/cpq_cciss again


This is not the case.

I'm running the latest rhel4u6 2.6.9-67.0.20 kernel from Redhat and the cciss version in it, according to dmesg, is 2.6.16.rh1.

HP's support site has 2.6.18-16.rhel4.

Therefore the latest kernel does not contain the latest cciss driver.

Getting the latest driver with its speed improvements installed is a headache for reasons noted above.