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querying "Overall System Status" with SNMP

Occasional Contributor

querying "Overall System Status" with SNMP

The "System Management Homepage" of the HP Insight Manager shows,
among others, the info "Overall System Status", which usually is "no
failed/degraded items".

To feed a 3rd party monitoring tool (IPSentry), we would like to query
this very information remotely and non interactively.

The systems of interest are running SuSE Linux.

The SNMP MIB /opt/compaq/foundation/etc/cmaobjects.mibdef lists the
interesting item "cpqSiMonitorOverallCondition", but this entry is
commented out.

Of course, there is the choice to have Insight Manager send out
alerts, but we would like to access this information using IPSentry.

Regards, Th. Meyer
Occasional Contributor

Re: querying "Overall System Status" with SNMP

Same problem!
Found cpqHeMibCondition (This object represents the overall status of the server health system) in cpqhlth.mib. But cpqHeMibCondition didn't show Storage-Errors like the "System Management Homepage".