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"Executed As" user during deployment

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"Executed As" user during deployment

When I attempt to deploy OpenSSH (or anything else with the task wizard), I enter the Windows login credentials of user I have set up specifically for SIM (5.1). However, the "Executed As" user in the Task Results is always the Domain Administrator.

How do I change the Task Wizard to use a different user? I have changed the default WBEM account in Global Protocol Settings, but can't see anything else.

This is my first install of HP SIM, and though it looks as though there should be an obvious answer, I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out. Any help is much appreciated.
Todd Schelin
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Re: "Executed As" user during deployment

What account did you install the HP SIM service under if it is Domain Administrator that is the account it will use every time.
However, you can run mxagentconfig from the SIM server and this will set the SSH authentication for the user that you want to use for that node, as it may not be the same account for every device.
mxagentconfig /? will give you the syntax you will need to run the command.