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Re: "Firmware And Software Revision" disappeared

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"Firmware And Software Revision" disappeared

We are running HP SIM 6.3


By default all the servers were discovered without problem, after update the VCRM on client side and did the software status polling, "Firmware And Software Revision" under system status disappeared and we can not run the report to poll the software and firmware status anymore.


any idea what went wrong?





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Re: "Firmware And Software Revision" disappeared

It's quite a long time ago, but is you're problem about the missing "Firmware and Software Revision" data in HPSIM solved and how, because in our site some of our servers has this problems ansd some don't  ??



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Re: "Firmware And Software Revision" disappeared

@PZ - Could you please advise
a. if i need to enable any function on "CMS" or "managed device" side if i want to capture "Contract and Warranty Data "?
b. And Does CMS automatically enables "software and firmware" distribution function? I guess this function is performed by VCR(Version Control Repository) which is bundled with HP SIM setup?