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"Generic unregistered" event

Jürgen Hiltebrandt
Occasional Contributor

"Generic unregistered" event

Hallo guys,

I setup snmp traps on my HP ProCurves (2626, 2824). After enabling "Accept unregistered events" in my HPSIM I get some events "Link Up, Link Down, ..." and those "Generic unregistered" ones.

Event Details:

Enterprise OID String.
Generic Trap ID. 6
Specific Trap ID. 5

This is supposed to be an "Excessive late collisions" from a 2824, which I provoke by setting different duplex mode on switch and client. And these (and other warnings and criticals) are those, which I'm really interested in and why I want to setup snmp traps on my switches.

Now my question is, why doesn't HPSIM decode this event, even I compiled (mcompile) and imported (mxmib -a) the latest mibs (feb 2006) from HP.

On my troubleshooting so far, I ran

snmputil walk

and what I got is only subtree of (which is enterprises.77). But nothing more! No HP (11), no cisco - nothing!

Trying to run:
snmputil walk

results in "End of MIB subtree"

So what's going on, and how to solve it?