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"Install software"-task changes PSP?

Occasional Contributor

"Install software"-task changes PSP?

I just noticed some strange behavior with our SIM 5.0 SP5 running on W2k3 SP1. Anybode else who have seen this?

I create a task for installing PSP 7.60A (for W2k servers) on some Windows 2000 servers, scheduling it to run at 01.00 AM.

Then I create second task to install PSP 7.70A (for W2k3 servers) on my Windows 2003 servers, scheduling it to run at 02.00 AM.

What happens now is that the first task I created suddenly is configured for the PSP 7.70A for W2k3, just like the second task. Is this behavior "by design"? If so, will it work fine if I choose both PSP's for both tasks, and let SIM decide what PSP to use?