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reporting features

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Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

reporting features

Hi all:

HPSIM 5.00 running on WIN 2003 Server. Working the Reports, canned reports and ccustom reports.

The reports detailing the disk information for HPUX systems are not producing any data. In fact they say "No data available" I can use a canned rept or I can make a custom rept and make the same selections and still receive no data.

If I choose a rept detailing the CPU then I get data, including HPUX data. I can edit the rept to only list the HPUX systems and the rept still works. This is true with the Software listings as well.

The snmp.conf file is correct.

Is there something I need to turn on?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: reporting features

This information does not come from SNMP on HP-UX. Depending on the version of HP-UX, either DMI (earlier versions) or WBEM (later versions) is used.

If you are having to use DMI, only an HP-UX DMI can talk to it. In other words, the Windows DMI layer can't retrieve information from HP-UX DMI. That means you MUST host HP SIM on HP-UX to get at this data.

Hopefully you are on a more recent release of HP-UX and can use WBEM. Make sure you have supplied credentials for HP SIM to use WBEM with the system and make sure that WBEM has been discovered.