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reporting to VCRM server can be problematic

Szabolcs Petho_1
Regular Advisor

reporting to VCRM server can be problematic


I found in VCA log that reporting doesn't use the IP address what I set in VCA config for accessing VCRM.

It seems that first VCA connects to VCRM by it's IP address but for reporting it is using the hostname of VCRM server what VCRM thinks about itself.

For me it is causing reporting problems, because I use a separate VLAN for managing servers with private IP addresses. For some servers which have only public interfaces I have to report to the public interface of the HP SIM server, but VCRM gives back to VCA its private hostname which is not usable from the public side.

Is it possible to change this behavior? I want to use the same IP address for VCRM access both for downloading and reporting.

Any ideas?

Regards, Szabolcs