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sim 6.1 and virtual machines
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sim 6.1 and virtual machines

Dear all.

How can I get more info from virtual machines in HP SIM? I tried to install WBEM, SMH, but I always fail (it says "Not required"). SNMP is not giving any further information like OS, VM-Serial, etc. I heard that some components of Insight Control can be used freely. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for any replies.
Rob Buxton
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Re: sim 6.1 and virtual machines

As HPSIM is mainly about monitoring hardware there's not a lot to monitor.
You can just use wbem to grab some of the details via WMI. I just use a domain account and provide that as details for wbem.
Nothing gets installed on the virtual machine itself. This seems to pick up the OS, VM_Serial number.
That just uses standard HPSIM.

For the ESX / ESXi Hosts you need to install the agents / HP ESXi bundle to get their information.