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snmp sending traps ?

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snmp sending traps ?

Hi all: Trying to setup insight manager to receive traps from my SUSE linux servers which have smh installed. SIM (ver 6.2x) runs on a windows 2003 server. From the linux servers I can send test traps just fine. The problem is when I test a real failure mode (unplugging one of the psus) no trap gets sent. I used this technique on our windows servers to test the snmp setup and it works fine.

Everything is essentially in stock configuration with the exception of server specific snmp settings.

So, what am doing wrong here? Thanks, Chris.
here is my snmp setup on one of the linux servers:

# Following entries were added by HP Insight Management Agents at
# Wed Dec 8 15:29:00 EST 2010
dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/
rwcommunity vra_control
rocommunity vra_monitor
rwcommunity vra_control
rocommunity vra_monitor
trapcommunity vra_monitor
trapcommunity vra_control
trapsink vra_monitor
trapsink vra_control
syscontact Sysadmin (
syslocation GR Server Room
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Re: snmp sending traps ?

Use 'Manage Communications' to diagnose.
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Re: snmp sending traps ?

Check your SMH for HW details. If the sub agent are not running you never will get the trap for a HW failure.

Re: snmp sending traps ?

Will check out you suggestions. Thanks.

Re: snmp sending traps ?

Hi Chris,

Leave this task for HP SIM to do it for you.

Run the repair agent option under task menu
Repair Agent not only install the missing agents/components but also configures SNMP and trap configuration as per HP SIM requirement.

Check this guide to see what it does

The Systems Insight Manager Configure or Repair Agents tool is a quick and easy way to configure Linux, HP-UX and Windows managed systems to communicate with Systems Insight Manager from a Windows CMS.

To run Configure or Repair Agents remotely against multiple systems simultaneously, you must have authorizations to run the Configure or Repair Agents tool.

IN HP SIM 6.0 onwards it is there in Configure
Select Configure >> Configure or Repair Agents

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Re: snmp sending traps ?

Thanks for the help. I ran the repair as you suggested. However, I have a new issue in dong this. First off, turns out ssh was mostly disabled on my servers. I edited the ssh_config files on my servers and was then successful.

However, the only way to do the above was to make ssh fairly insecure. I had to enable root access and password authentication. On one server, which does ssh tunneling redirection, this was not possible as it would allow for password guessing attacks over the internet. I thought "Trust by Certificate" would not need these settings.