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snmp traps not forwarded to hp sim - ubuntu & psp 8.50

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snmp traps not forwarded to hp sim - ubuntu & psp 8.50


I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a DL180 G6 server, as i understand it, the server model has been certified by hp/canonical to run Ubuntu.

But it does not seem like the PSP for DPKG based dists have been released for this server?

Anyway i have installed this package onto the server :

System management homepage and all agents seems to work fine.

However we also have a HP SIM 6.0 Server.

If i generate an snmp trap using the snmptrap application, i get an event in HP SIM.

But if i pull out one of the power supplies in the server, the servers health status remain green in hp sim, but if i go directly to the servers system management homepage, i can see that the power supply has failed.

my /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file currently looks like this (but i have tried every config i can think of in the past)

dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/libcmaX64.so
rwcommunity private
rocommunity mycomm myhpsim.dns.entry
trapcommunity mycomm
trapsink myhpsim.dns.entry mycomm

Many thanks for any input!


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Re: snmp traps not forwarded to hp sim - ubuntu & psp 8.50

Forgot to add that instead of displaying the snmpd.conf file when i from the system management homepage go to : "Settings" | "SNMP Configuration" i get this message : var snmpfilename = "./../../cgi-bin/snmpagent/tmp3.txt"; var snmpfiledata= ""; var md5snmpfiledata= "d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e"; var snmpaction = "stop"; var thispage = "/webagent/lxsnmpconf.php.en";
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Re: snmp traps not forwarded to hp sim - ubuntu & psp 8.50

Have got a bit further already, i now get traps send via snmp.

It was because my server has 3 nic:s connected to separate networks, and the hp snmp agents did not know which interface to send traps through.

in /opt/hp/hp-snmp-agents/cma.conf
i uncommented #trapIf eth0 and changed it to eth1 which is the interface connected to the same network as my hp sim server.

However, i still have the issue of the server not changing status from Healthy to Major/Critical , even though i wait until the Hardware Status polling task is run on my hp sim server, and the ES status is major from the snmp trap, the server remains in healthy state.

So i am still looking for help.