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status messages not available HP SIM

Occasional Contributor

status messages not available HP SIM

Hi everybody, I do have a problem with HP SIM!

There are two different questions.

- How do I configurate new MIBs from a 3part?

- There is no status messages about the condition of printing – devices (Hp printer) in my SIM 5.2 system.
The very same happens to the HP ThinClients and PC’s , even with the configuration of the SNAP agent .

Is there anything done with posting the right MIB ?

Is there anybody out there who might help me out, its urgent !!!!

Anyway ,thanks a lot!!


Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: status messages not available HP SIM

HPSIM is really a server management product that can also monitor other products.
For it to manage other devices they need either HP agents (I've no idea what a snap agent is) or at the very least snmp.

With snmp if the device is not in HPSIM by default then you can manually add them for identification purposes - this does not require a MIB.

If you want HPSIM to interpret any snmp traps sent from these devices then that's when you need a suitable MIB loaded into HPSIM.

I've never used HPSIM to manage PCs, TCs or Printers - it just doesn't seem to be the appropriate tool to me. Others may have a different view and be able to offer more advice.
Occasional Contributor

Re: status messages not available HP SIM

Hi everybody!
I do have a problem with HP SIM!
I integrated a MIB from a HP Printer.

I took and used the CMD tools mcompiler and mxmib from HP SIM tools as I wanted to bring it in !
The MIB is been seen in the HP SNMP trap settings (HP SIM) HOWEVER the trep settings ae empty !
The MIB is from the !

Does it due to the point, that the MIB is NOT the right one for/from HP or is there nor MIB for/from HP?

Hope there is some help coming up!

Thanks a lot!!!