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stopping sim discovering vm's

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Gareth Wilson
Occasional Advisor

stopping sim discovering vm's



how do i get hp sim 6.3 to stop discovering vm's on my physical esx hosts that i am monitoring ? i only want the physical hosts in sim and not the vm's which seem to keep getting discovered even if i delete them


Advice would be gratefully appreciated :)

Honored Contributor

Re: stopping sim discovering vm's



Go to Discovery and then General Setting... Under there U can enable or disable the discovery of VM's behind virtualization hosts, and much more of these so called associations...





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Gareth Wilson
Occasional Advisor

Re: stopping sim discovering vm's

Nice one Bart i knew it was somewhere just couldnt find the setting :)


Thanks again

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Re: stopping sim discovering vm's

I'm running HPSIM 7.2 and have the Discovery->General Settings set to NOT discover VMs on ESXi hosts, however, when the weekly scheduled discovery jobs run, the pick up many VMs.  I should add that it does not pick up all of them, just 50 or so.


What is this not working correctly?  Am I missing something in settings or is there an issue with HPSIM?


Much appreciation for any help.