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unable to deploy s/w via hpsim

mike hutt
Occasional Visitor

unable to deploy s/w via hpsim

whenever I try to deploy a support pack via sim i get an unable to connect to target computer meesage. even though when i check the security log of that target computer /I get a logon sucess event from the hpsim server. the other message i get is that the target operating system my not be support by sim but all tagets are windows 2003 machines. Any ideas?
Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: unable to deploy s/w via hpsim

What trust level are you running in your environment? Are they all set?

You could test this by accessing SMH via SIM console and see if you are required to enter credentials when you access the page.

Also have you configured VC agents to connect successfully to SIm and also referenced them with a support pack?