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Re: update mib

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update mib

Hi at all,

I have hp insight manager 6.2

From HP site:

I download MIB kit versione 9.10 and then installed in sim 6.2 with command: cscript updatemibs.js


It's correct this procedure? I can use kit mib 9.10 on sim 6.2


thanks a lot



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Re: update mib

  • copy the MIB files to the mibs folder under HP SIM Installation directory.
  • Run the command mccompile to compile the MIBs : mcompile <mibfile>
  • The above command will gnerate the cfg file which can be used to register the MIB in HP SIM
  • Run the command mxmib to register the MIB in HP SIM : mxmib -a <mibfile.cfg>
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Re: update mib

thanks for your support!

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Re: update mib

Question: must I keep .mib files after compile by mcompile and register by mxmib, or is it possible to delete mib files ?

Tushar Bajpai
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Re: update mib

once mib is compiled into .cfg, .mib is of no use. Apart from if user wants them.


So, its upto your wish.

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