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upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

Occasional Advisor

upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

I currently have several managed nodes that were installed with Smrtsrt 6.40 . I would like to run the psp from the 7.40 disk to update all HP drivers/agents.
Is this recommended?
Valued Contributor

Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

I've not gone directly from 6.4 to 7.4, but have installed updates as they are released to get from 6.4 to 7.4 using the psp's without errors.

Except, however, I did get blue screens during installs on some systems related to a gigabit network driver (nc61xx), nt1000nt5.sys but if this was at release (3/6/2003) or later it never occurred - but don't take any of this as official!

Try out on a spare system if possible. I've just installed the agents 7.41 (not part of psp 7.4) without errors, so doing the agents and new agent homepage separately from the system drivers may be another method.
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Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

Thanks for the info. I did the update with the following results.

- The System management homepage login screen still requires the old administrator, operator, or user (local login) . It is not domain aware.

- When I login to the divice through the homepage, only Version control is shown as being monitored. No other devices (MP, NIC, Recovery, Storage, System, utilization) show up. I had this issue on some items before but never to this extent. Not sure how to resolve that.
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Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

Your version of the SMH must be old, as they removed the Adminstrator/Operator/User stuff a while back.

If the VCA is the only component that shows up, then you've got a problem with your Agents. For example when the NIC agent service is running, you shoudl see NIC information in the SMH. So either the services are not running, or you need to reboot, or you have some other problem with your server agents.
Craig G.
Occasional Contributor

Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

Lots of things changed in PSP 7.0 and again in PSP 7.30. When I upgrade from 7.2 to 7.3 or above, I first remove many of the agents using Add/Remove. If you don't do this, the system will have multiple versions and get confused (which is what sounds like happenned).

For example, I first:
Remove Compaq Power Manager
Remove Compaq Remote Monitor Service
Remove Hewlett Packard ILO Passthrough Service
Remove Hewlett Packard Survey Utility
Remove HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition for Windows
Remove HP Insight Management Agents
Remove HP ProLiant Remote Monitor Service
Remove HP Power Manager
Remove HP System Manangement Homepage
Remove HP Version Control Agent 2.0

Then reboot and run the PSP setup.
The reboot and install all the post-PSP updates.

Hope this helps.
Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

It sounds like you need to install the System Management Homepage component. It is now a separate component and if it is not installed you will not get the domain based login, and if the agents updated successfully that would explain why they are not showing up.

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Re: upgrade psp 6.40 to 7.40

Thanks for the pointers.
It looks like Carig G. method worked the best.

- removed HP components (add/remove programs)
- reboot
- full reinstalled PSP 7.40
- reboot

- "unknown HP snmp device" reporting to SIM server after removing and re adding server.

- Updated SMH to newer version.

- clered up all device reporting status on Homepage.