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Re: /var/opt/mx output

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/var/opt/mx output

Hi ,


We have box

hpux 11iv2.


please find o/p below;



root #/var/opt/mx/output >ll
total 17296
drw------- 2 root root 8192 Jun 17 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a00000004
drw------- 2 root root 24576 Jun 16 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a00000005
drw------- 2 root root 2793472 Jul 1 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a00000006
drw------- 2 root root 2580480 Jul 1 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a00000008
drw------- 2 root root 3399680 Jun 29 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a0000000f
drw------- 2 root root 16384 Jun 18 2012 00000025b3e8116c0000000a00000011
drw------- 2 root root 8192 Feb 24 2010 runnow


What are this files ??



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Re: /var/opt/mx output

According to Table 1 (on page 3) of this document, the directory they're in is supposed to contain HP Systems Insight Manager job result output files.


My first guess would be that each numbered directory corresponds to a single job or job type.


The document indicates that backing up this directory is "optional", so I guess nothing irreplaceable is lost if these files are deleted. However, you might have to re-run some SIM jobs before all the usual data is available in SIM after that.

I would not delete any files or sub-directories in this directory while SIM is running.


Another document gives a clue on how to manage the amount of job output files (page 4, "Job cleanup for large number of managed systems"):


In short, the SIM menu Tasks and Logs -> View Task Results -> Customize -> Settings controls how long old task results are kept by SIM.