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ç UPS problem with sending SNMP traps

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ç UPS problem with sending SNMP traps


We have a HP R3000 xr UPS. I am trying to configure the management server software to send SNMP traps from the management server to other servers on certain events.

I am configuring the address "" in the "Event Settings > SNMP" section of the web interface. When I click "Send Test Message" I get a message saying "A test message has been sent to the following recipients: *", however the trap is not received at my destination server.

The Application Log says "Sent test SNMP notification", but doesn't give any more details.

I can use the unix snmptrap command to send a trap from the machine running the management server to my destination machine, and this works fine, so it doesn't appear to be a communication issue.

What can I do to try an diagnose what is happening here? Is there any additional logging that I can turn on to give me more details? Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?