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4x1x16 KVM Console Switch Web Management Issue

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4x1x16 KVM Console Switch Web Management Issue

Issue 1:

From the HPE IP Console viewer I downloaded or generated a Web Certificate in IE and now I can no longer reach the web interface from IE from any Computer. How can I remove this web certificate?

Issue 2:

No matter what brower I am using, I cannot get the HP Web Interface to launch the Console view, The issue is For Mozzilla/Google Chrome -> Java Cannot be detected. I have installed verisions of Java, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 - all individually and all at the same time. I have also gone into Mozilla and Chrome and set Java to always active. Nothing seems to work. Oh I have also gone in and set the security of java to allow connections from the web and set the IP address of the IP Console viewer - I get the same error. This is the reason I was desperate and tried installing a web certificate from IP Console see issue 1. What can I do here?