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Re: 64 bit pci 3.3V vs 5.0V

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64 bit pci 3.3V vs 5.0V

I am interested in finding out if anyone knows which model HP or Compaq servers contain either the 3.3V PCI or the 5.0V PCI slots and also if those same servers have avaliable the older 32 bit 5.0V PCI slots as well
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Re: 64 bit pci 3.3V vs 5.0V

From what I've seen its either one or the other not both.

I've been working on a Dell Poweredge 600-SC that switched up to 3.3 V PCI. I've had a terrible time getting peripherels for it.

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Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: 64 bit pci 3.3V vs 5.0V

The PCI specification allows for three different PCI add-in cards: 3.3V, 5V and "Universal" adapters, but only 3.3V signaling is allowed for 66MHz or greater operations per specification. New PCI controllers are manufactured to operate at 3.3V, while older options were 5V. New HP servers have 64-bit/66MHz and PCI-X slots, which are keyed to allow only 3.3V or Universal adapters. For more information on the PCI slots in your server, review the product QuickSpecs. Refer to your adapter documentation to determine if your PCI device is keyed for the 3.3V, 5V or Universal specification

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