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900/96 console setting

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900/96 console setting

i used the "d" key to clear the console settings for a 900/96 console, but now i need to change the settings so that it will work with hp (otherwise i just get garbage on the screen). how do i get into the console configuration? i read something about control and scroll lock, but i don't have a key labeled scroll lock on my keyboard.

many thanks!
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Re: 900/96 console setting

Hi MS,

If you are using an hp keyboard that comes with this model of terminals, you would find two keys menu and system between F4 and F5. Press menu first, this will bring the function keys on the bottom of the screen. Use the terminal configuration from there. However, in most cases you just have to set the terminal type to hp or something.

The default settings works most of the time.

Hope this helps.


Re: 900/96 console setting

thanks! i was frantically looking for a fix!