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A2998A failure

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A2998A failure

hi wizards,
i have the following problem:
we have here a A2998A ups witch gives an error that cannot be found in the manual.
when i turn the units breaker switch on and i set the battery switch to "on" i hear a relay switching 3 or 4 times and then the units front panel lights start to blink all at the same time once a second.
there is also a beep with them equal when the lights turn on every second
has anyone a answer?
thanks in advance.
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Re: A2998A failure


make sure you power connection is correct. I think I've seen that where an electrician connected the mains source to the Power Distri Panel instead of the UPS.

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Re: A2998A failure

hi bernhard,
thanks for your replay.
however i dont understand your answer.
the only way to connect the main power is on the back of the control unit.
if i unscrew a coverplate there i see two ways to connect the power.
only one of them is labeled "input".
the other one is the output to the pdu.
thanks in advance.
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Re: A2998A failure

Well that should be OK then. Do you have a manual? It could be absolutely normal as long as the batteries are not sufficiently loaded; maybe there is a "silence" buton then. Try to get hold of a manual, that's all I can suggest.

(I only remembered that case with the wrong power connection because like you said that all four lights were blinking and the manual did not state what kind of condition that was supposed to indicate)

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Re: A2998A failure

I haved today the same problem.
The problem was in the middle baterry plug.
This is the plug that is on the back side of the UPS unit between the 2 plugs from batery boxes.

Becouse it is a old unit and lot of batery exchanges the plug was damaged and the wires inside broken.
So i wired it by my self.

Loking from back the ports are like this

1 4
2 5
3 6

use a regular 12 AWG cooper wire and connect

1 to 6
2 to 4
3 to 5

and everything is worlking normaly after it.

I know this is a old post but maybe it will be helpful for someone else the solution

Never say never
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Re: A2998A failure

Hi Marco

Do you still have this UPS and its manual? One guy is deperately looking for Manual. Can you attach soft copy of manual? Alternatively LED error codes expalanation is required.

It will be great help.

My email is