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A3589A Power Trust UPS

Harinder Sahota
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A3589A Power Trust UPS

I have connected this UPS to 220V supply. In the bupass mode I have no problems as expected. In the normal mode, the UPS comes up the cooling runs but stops after 10/15 minutes. There is a yellow ATTENTION light stays on. If I turn the main power off the UPS DOES NOT start up. This unit is NOT connected to HP system. I am trying to use it as general UPS.

Any suggestions

Harinder Sahota
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Re: A3589A Power Trust UPS

Hello! Not too much info here and I am certainly not an expert.

Unless you have an obvious setup/connection problem, you might try connecting the UPS to an hp box, set up the ups_conf and ups_mond, and run the UPS. You'll get detailed msgs to the console.

A single flash every second means overload, two flashes with 3 beeps means overtemp, light on continuously means a systems problem.

I'd strongly recommend connecting the rs232 to your hp.

Steven Schladale
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Re: A3589A Power Trust UPS

For the A3589A PowerTrust the power up sequence must be done in a specify order otherwise the unit will not operate.

From the manual:
1. Set bypass switch to normal.
2. Check AC input power is being provided.
3. Set MAIN and BYPASS INPUT breakers to the ON position.
4. Set the UPS/BATTERY switch to ENABLE.
5. Set the Output On/Output Off switch to Output On.
6. Confirm that the UPS powered on properly by checking the following indicators:
AC Output LED: on
Battery LED: off
Attention LED: off
Auduble Alarm: off
Enable LED: on
Caution LED: off
If any of the indicators differ from above then the UPS did not power up correctly.

You must follow these instructions or the UPS will not power up. If you have the manual read chapter 4.

Best of luck.