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AC Power Supply resilience // Résilience des alimes

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AC Power Supply resilience // Résilience des alimes

Hello // Bonjour

As IT administrator of my cell, i've made the inventory of all servers I have.

I've got at my disposal 3 kind of servers (all HPs Proliant 300)

HP Proliant 380 G7

HP Proliant 360 G8

HP Proliant 380 G8


My question is: Each of these servers got 2 AC power supply, and my boss ask me to be resiliant, so, because i've got some IBM UPS (1500VA), i thought to put one Power Supply of each server on a separate UPS and then put the second PS on another UPS.

Does this configuration works well?

And if one of my old UPS crash, what will happend? (general failure? shutdown ? ...)


Thank You


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Re: AC Power Supply resilience // Résilience des alimes


I dont think that connectin each PSU to different UPS would work , because the power outage and shut down parameters need to be setup on each UPS. In case that one of the UPS fails, there is no way to determine what the server behabiour would be. Will it perform a gracefull shutdown as configured on the (failing) UPS or will it stay stable, because of the other working UPS? 


The recommendation for connecting UPS on 2 PSU System is to connect one of the power supplies on an UPS and the other power supply directly to power source. This allows a gracefull shutdown in case of power outgae and also a redundnacy in case of UPS failure. 



Thank you
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Re: AC Power Supply resilience // Résilience des alimes

Thank you