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Re: AF401A & Power Monitoring

scott bates_1
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AF401A & Power Monitoring

I am using third party SNMP software (Kepware) to interface to several UPS's with AF401A Management Modules. I can get SNMP trap data fine but am having trouble getting some SNMP power information (eg : upsOutputVoltage). I have used the cpqpower.mib for software setup. Couple of questions. Can anyone confirm the OID for upsOutputVoltage. After mib import, my thirdparty package is using[1] and the [1] in brackets looks a little odd. Also can anyone confirm the data type. I believe it should be 32bit unsigned as from the mib Syntax is shown as INTEGER (0..2147483647). This equates to a DWord (32 bit unsigned integer) in my third party software. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Brian Vo
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Re: AF401A & Power Monitoring


Upgrade the HPMM FW to v2.1.2 for bug fixed in input and output SNMP data.

Find the FW here:

Your OID is correct. (phase A or single phase)
and 2 other OIDs for output voltage: (phase B) (phase C)