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AF622A HP IP Console Encryption

Bjarke Andersen
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AF622A HP IP Console Encryption

This ended up in servers, since there is no forum for these products, and they are related to servers.

Also I really wanted to email, chat or phone HP first, but again you have to select product first, and there is no category for these HP products.


However, I just installed a KVM Console model AF622A also known as the 4x1Ex32 HP IP Console G2.


According to specs and manual, you can select different types of encryption of the Keyboard and Mouse Input, the Video signal and the Virtual Media Access. This applies to the traffic between remote IP users using the Remote IP Console client.


Both users often get black screen when connecting to the servers IA. After some hours I finally figured out, if video signal is set to no encryption, they get they get signal 100% of the time. Any other encryption and they receive black screen again.


Error in firmware or are the clients missing some of the key exchange (though I cannot provide any, so I guess it is based on the user authentication).


The AF622A runs with FW

The IAs run with FW

Remote Client is 4.1.1(A) also known as