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APC UPS and Powerchute Plus

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Amiel Tutolo
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APC UPS and Powerchute Plus

I have a client at a remote location that has purchased an PAC Symmetra UPS. They have also purchased Powerchute Plus 4.2.3. I have looked all over the forums and tried everything out here and have had no luck. I think I need to create /dev/tty0p1 but I don't see how to do it through SAM. Since there is nothing in the REMOTE spot of the W cable couldn't I just have them plug the serial cable into there and then tell powerchute to usr /dev/tty0p2? Or can someone give me the steps on how to create tty0p1? Thanks so much for the help in advance.
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Re: APC UPS and Powerchute Plus

If you're connecting directly, why do you want to use the REMOTE port instead of the UPS port on the W cable?

The device files should already exist for the console port. The instance number might not be 0 so your device files might be something other than tty0p#. Check "ioscan -funC tty" to determine the correct set of files being used by the system and put the p3 value for the PortName value in powerchute.ini.

Be sure you have the correct cable to allow 2-way communication also. APC will be more than happy to help you with determining that for your UPS or other aspects of getting their software to work. I found their tech support generally helpful and responsive.

I was rather annoyed that their installation hadn't been changed since HP-UX 9.X apparently and still put the startup for their daemon in inittab instead of creating a startup script and symlinks to it.
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