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About UPS management

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About UPS management

I have 2 HP UPS 3000 with serial port only and i want to manage them through HP SIM 5.1 and Power Manager or whatever you may suggest BUT i have only 1 server which I may to connect directly to UPS through COM-port. So how I should manage and control the another one? It has no USB neither RJ-45 ports.
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Re: About UPS management

Hello Laika,

Which servers are you referring to ?

You may get an USB-to-Serial cable... a dongle.
This "may" help.

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Re: About UPS management

i have DL580 G4.
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Re: About UPS management


You need another server with Power Manager installed to manage the second UPS.

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Re: About UPS management

Or you could purchase a UPS Management module for each UPS, which replaces the serial card in them. This gives you a RJ-45 port, as well as 5 serial ports. Costs about 100GBP. Has a nice built in web interface as well and new software for the server.

We had real problems with the old HP Serial Relay agent software used with the serial cards, logging errors in the server Event Logs every few seconds and high CPU usage on the server, so buying in these new modules was money well spent we reckoned, though we still do have issues with them talking to the attached servers correctly.

Or couldn't you just buy a cheap PCI serial port card to give an extra port for the server you can connect to?