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Advice setting up a Server

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Advice setting up a Server

Ok I'm doing a project for my higher computing class.

Basically I need a client/server network that will give 10Gb of backing storage to 30 users on the network.

And also have an external hard drive on the server.

Can anyone reccommend a good model? Any price really.

Very much appreciated. We've not even attempted networking section in our class. No idea how to go about this. And information is so advanced.

The only place I could get a sort of answer was
Teacher hates mac's though :/
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Re: Advice setting up a Server

You should say some words about the OS you want to use - otherwise I could recommend from a multi million dollar server down to a PC ... ;-)

Hope this helps!

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Re: Advice setting up a Server

Well it doesn't say on the sheet - but I guess that it would be better if it was universal
or at least Mac, Windows, Linux compat.

Muli Million pound is probably a little tooo much. are there any decent ones for 1 or 2K??

VERY much appreciate your response thank you!
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Re: Advice setting up a Server

A simple HP ProLiant ML110 or ML115 would do the trick. Just go to the main website and click on Products, Servers, etc.