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Alarming number of HPE server failures

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Alarming number of HPE server failures

Anyone else running HPE servers with dual AMD EPYC 7F72 24-core CPU's? I've seen an alarming number of hardware failures the last 2 months (which included 2 servers going down this past Saturday). It's to the point where I'm making weekly visits to our data center so the CPU and/or board can be replaced. It's crazy!

HPE is aware and I'm on a weekly call, but just curious if anyone here is seeing the same?

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Query: Alarming number of HPE server failures

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1. Advisory: HPE ProLiant Servers – Agentless Management Service (AMS) Displays an Incorrect NIC Teaming Status When There Are a Number of Successive Link Failures and Recoveries Within Short Succession


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Re: Alarming number of HPE server failures


What is the server model and could you share the exact symptoms that you are experiencing with the server? 

Well if the same issue is seen on multiple units, then this needs to be elevated to higher level technical team for further investigation. The engineer working on your support cases should be able to do so. 

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