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Aruba/HPE 2930F VSF 2-Switch Chain - Multiple VSF Ports

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Aruba/HPE 2930F VSF 2-Switch Chain - Multiple VSF Ports

Anyone have any experience configuring a pair of Aruba 2930F switches in a VSF Chain topology?

I know only one VSF Link between the switch is allowed, but everything I can find seems to indicate that VSF Link can contain multiple ports (VSF Ports). We have one VSF Link configured with two ports on each switch. Those ports are connected together using DAC cables. official website

We are seeing both ports go down, bringing the VSF Link down for about 90s a few times per day.

Has anyone else successfully connected two switches together using multiple ports in a single VSF link?


I am currently pushing back against support because they are flip flopping between "only one port per VSF link is supported in the Chain topology" and "the VSF link going down is normal behavior in the Chain topology".

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Re: Aruba/HPE 2930F VSF 2-Switch Chain - Multiple VSF Ports

Hi @Graham32 not an Aruba 2930F expert (well we have hundreds of ArubaOS-Switch based switches) but I have a pretty stable (almost 1000 days uptime now) VSF made of two Aruba 5406R zl2 Switches interconnected together with 4 DACs (10Gbps)'s a chain topology for sure (since the two members only)...and I never saw VSF links go down/up in 3 years (go figure!)...I believe Aruba 2930F VSF is basically the same (same approach, same configuration, probably more freedom about possible VSF port speeds to be used).

Can you share more informations?

Kind regards, Davide. 

I'm not an HPE Employee
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