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Re: Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable

Brian Southern
New Member

Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable

I appear to have having a compatibility issue with newly purchased Avocent KVM cables. When I use these cables to connect any of our servers to either KVM switch (either TFT5600 RKM or TFT7600) the KVM does not register that the server is connected.

I currently have two different types of KVM cables. One from HP (PN: 520-290-506) and another type from Avocent (PN: 520-255-508).

If I use the HP cables, the servers are accessible via whichever of the above KVM switch it's connected to. If I attempt to use the Avocent cables, the KVM switches do not see the servers.

Is this a known issue with these types of Avocent cables (not compatible with HP KVM switches)?



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Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable


There is no such issues!

The one you own as new Avocent Module is not brand new its actually a refurbished part.

Hum, passed the Avocent quality test by luck.

Try to get a new one from HP store.
Brian Southern
New Member

Re: Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable

I have tried multiple adapters with the exact same model number (Avocent PN: 520-255-508) and none of them work.

Is there an HP Support Pack update that needs to be installed for these adapters?
New Member

Re: Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable

We're experiencing the same issue when using an Avocent KVM with OEM cables / connected to HP ProLiant DL385 servers.  An error blinks on the KVM's screen indicating no cables connected along with a continual beeping sound coming from the Avocent Device:


Please advise.

Regular Advisor

Re: Avocent 520-255-508 KVM cable

For the rare situations where remote KVM is needed, why not just use iLO?