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Bricked HPE SSD's

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Bricked HPE SSD's


Hey All - we have a handful of 3.2TB drives impacted by this: we let them run beyond 32,768 hours on old firmware and yep, they all died at once. HPE replaced the disks, and we don't send back failed drives as per our warranty contract.

Wondering if anyone here has been able to get these drives working again, seems a shame to toss out 3.2 TB SAS SSD's... Drives not seen by the HBA so; I'd assume we have paperweights now.

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Re: Bricked HPE SSD's


As life of HDD firmware is end there is no utility to recover the HDD.

this is an option.

if the Data is critical on the faulty HDD you can contact your HPE account manger and aske for enhancement.request

But still you have to send faulty HDD to HPE LAB for testing

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Re: Bricked HPE SSD's

The issue is known since more than a year.

It is recommended to update servers firmware at least once a year, otherwise you probably run an unsupported configuration (see SPP statements).

So there was enoug time to update and prevent the issue, right?

Hope this helps!

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