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I have a Compaq R3000 UPS and I just downloaded HP Rack and Power Manager. I am ready to use it just... I don't have a serial cable. I mean, I have a nullmodem cable but I just find a notice from Compaq saying: 'CAUTION! DO NOT USE serial cable CPQ part number 14226x (can't read the last number). using this cable cold DAMAGE your computer. Use serial cable part number 295245.'

I can't find anything about pin layouts of those two cables and I can't buy the cable from compaq so, my question is: is the 'fit' cable anything else than a nullmodem cable? Can I use a nullmodem cable for linking the UPS to a computer?

Thanks in advance,

Eugen Cocalea

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Re: CPQ R3000 UPS

Hi Eugen,

Where did you see this notice? I too read somewhere that using the wrong cable could potentially damage your UPS/computer and void any warranty. Hence, I ordered a serial cable from Compaq, describing exactly what is was for and they sent me P/N: 142264-002.

I am also deperately trying to find out what software I should be using. Like someone else posted there seems to be no documentation on HP/Compaq's website relating to this product.

I tried Rack and Power Manager but didn't work, however, it did not state that it supports the R3000h. The only software I've found to get some connectivity is using the Compaq web agent software. This however does not seem to be without it's problems. I can get basic status information from the UPS (eg model,serial number) but when clicking on the diagnostics, startup/shutdown... tabs it brings up a message: "error: can not read data"

So all in all I'm getting very frustrated. I will give Compaq support another go. If I find anything I will post the results.
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Re: CPQ R3000 UPS

Hi Eugen

I have just bought a Compaq R3000 UPS and need to communicate with the UPS .I came across your questions on a web search -did you solve your problems?

Regards Greg
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Re: CPQ R3000 UPS


If you have a R3000XR it uses a straight through cable 201092-001 is one I have on my unit.

If you have the older R3000 is uses 295245-003.

The link below will work for the R3000XR or any XR series.

If you have the older R3000 you need CPM or LanSafe from here
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Re: CPQ R3000 UPS


Thanks for the help- a friend found this on the web - I made the cable and it all works -if you need the Powerware software ver3.0 mail me

Regards Greg

PS: the ups is a rackmount version of the Powerware 5119