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Cascade KVM switch

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Cascade KVM switch

Hi, we currently have 2 kvm switches
3x1x16 & 2x1x16
We want now to cascade them and buy one more.
Im thinking about using 3x1x16 as the main and cascade the others to this one.

What im wondering about is wheter or not a much cheaper model 0x3x16 can cascade with the others.
And get connection to all servers from the HP IP CONSOLE VIEWER
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Re: Cascade KVM switch

The following HP IP Console Switches can be integrated into the HP KVM
Server Console Switch system. Compatible HP IP Console Switch models
â ¢ 1 x 1 x 16 [PN: 262585 (B-21)]
â ¢ 3 x 1 x 16 [PN: 262586 (B-21)]
All HP IP Console Switches must be upgraded with SoftPaq firmware, version
2.1.1 or later, when cascaded with this product.

You can use:

The expansion module option is an optional add-on component with 8 ports that connects to a single port on the HP KVM Server Console Switch, thereby extending the capacity of the single port to 8 ports
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