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Central Web Console User Access.

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Central Web Console User Access.

I have been informed that to manage users within the CWC (version 2.1 + Apache Web Server) I have to create UNIX accounts.

If I create unix accounts then in theory they will have access to the server in which the CWC is hosted, to maintain their passwords. (We have password policies which require passwords to be changed after 30 days)

If so they will then have access to telnet and as such access the Private Management Lan in which the GSP's are connected.

What is the best way to manage this ?

I have to consider the following

1) password aging
2) restricting access to PML
3) ease of administration.
4) Pleasing our security control team.

I would appreciate any feedback from administrators who have configured and installed CWC and your views on the configuration guide.


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Re: Central Web Console User Access.


This is well explained at

search site on cwc

Certainly read

HP Central Web Console Release Notes
Legal Notices
HP Central Web Console Release Notes Announcement
What's in This Version
Compatibility Information and Installation Requirements
Known Problems
Patches and Fixes in This Version - 2.11
Software Availability in Native Languages

Central Web Console

Centralized, scalable, and secure.

CWC 1.0 supports 28 to 224 servers and requires an NT server.

CWC 2.0 supports an unlimited number of servers and requires HP-UX 11i on an HP 9000 system

Steve Steel
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Re: Central Web Console User Access.

as it took me some time to find these urls
it probably saves time for somebody else ...

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Re: Central Web Console User Access.

Good link from Thomas regarding CWC.
Somebody can help me to find a Project Plan for CWC or succesful stories about implementation?

Jonathan, how long are you using the sw? We are trying to implemented.

JM Bustios
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Re: Central Web Console User Access.

The documentation provided with the product is poor. I have been liasing with HP regarding some of the functionality and 'getting it to work'. HP have been excellent in this.

Area's which the doc doesn't go into in enough detail

1) Securing Apache Web Server using SSL, (this is very vague)

2) Protecting Areas with .htaccess directives.

3)The odd bug here and there (HP have found and fixed these)

Information can be gathered from both the 2.1 & 2.0 guide.

I had to look at it from a security point of view. Considerations I made were.

a) rksh for user logins to the CWC server
b) restricting logins to admin areas
c) login and monitoring what commands are run on the console
d) securing connections via an intranet.

Tip for configuring apache, in the


there is a file httpd.conf.template which eases the configuration process.

So get apache working first, then install the cwc.

As you can gather from the forum there are not many people who used it (or if they have do not have itrc access)


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Re: Central Web Console User Access.

Hi Jonathan !
You right about the information, is very poor.
We are looking for companies that already implemented and can say the product is good or not. According to the documentation the SW fits our needs and is a good solution.

How long it takes you to install and configure the solution?
There is no "special" connection to the server to communicate the CWC Server and the Unix, Linux or Routers, just the IP is that correct?


JM Bustios