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Re: Changing screen display resolution

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Changing screen display resolution

I would like to use TFT on HP servers running HP UX, but my TFT can only handle 1024x768 at 60, 70, 75 Hz.
vertical refresh rate. Please advise me what to do for two kinds of settings:

1. Console mode screen resolution. HP Unix Server defaults to some other
resolution that my TFT can not display the text at console mode.

2. X Server resolution. Default to 1280 x 1024 is higher than my TFT can
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Re: Changing screen display resolution

2. /opt/graphics/bin/setmon -r will report the supported resolutions your current graphics card can support : use setmon -h to see other options and setmon -s to set to an alternate : or use sam's Display area.


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Re: Changing screen display resolution


The TFT thatI would like to use is from NEC, 14", color.
Will setmon permanently set the resolution for both console and Xwindows?
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Re: Changing screen display resolution

Is TFT a touch screen by any chance?

The graphics card on your system will be the limiting factor. They all have different capabilities, but are generally limited to a small set of resolutions and frequencies, dictated by the graphics hardware.

The Xserver may well be able to handle a resolution that the ITE will not. Typically the ITE resolution is fixed and unchangeable.

Use of /opt/graphics/bin/common/graphinfo

will tell you what kinds of graphics card you have and the use of setmon will tell you the available display settings.
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