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Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console


Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console

How do I switch between the two serial ports (comm1 & comm3)on a HP console? Comm1 is connected as normal to a D-class server and works fine. Comm3 (9-pin DIN) is connected to a RAID unit and I want to switch the console so I can talk to this devise.
Apparently some key combination should allow you to do this. Please advise.
Darren Prior
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Re: Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console


Bring up the menus on the 700/96 using the softkey, choose 'config keys' then 'terminal config'. There's a setting that allows you to choose which port is in use at the top left of the screen.

However, you may need to change some other parameters, eg terminal emulation - this may not give you the easy switching functionality that you're looking for.


Calm down. It's only ones and zeros...
Alastair Donaldson
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Re: Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console

Unfortunatly the 700/96 terminal can only configure one of it's comm ports to be active at a time so to switch back and forth you would have to go into the Datacomm/Ext Device each time. Additionally if the D Class machine and the RAID device require different communications settings these would also require changing.

If you have any Digital VT420/VT520 terminals they handle what you are trying to do much better. Once configured you just have to press F4 to switch back and forth between comm ports. The only problem may be finding cables with the MMJ connections that the VT series terminals use.


Re: Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console


Many thanks for your swift replies. I'll try these and let you know how I got on.

Thanks again, Farhad.
Rich Wright
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Re: Comm ports on 700/96 HP Console

If you need a little more function. I recomend the APS series of switch boxes from
We have 2 terminals that can access 4 servers using the APS-16.
I did a lot of research and they had the only switch boxes for less than $1,000 that did what I wanted.