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Compaq 3000R setup with no Smartstart CD?

Mario Guerrero
New Member

Compaq 3000R setup with no Smartstart CD?

A Non-profit I help has received 4 3000R server. One is running fine W2000 Std server and has atest Proliant CSP, too.

On 2nd server, fro Win2000 Std Server, I know I have to run erase utility, SCU to see details adn do any configuration, see system status.

I do not have a SMartstart CD. From what I read, I must have a SmartstartCD to run ACU, floppy solution is not available. Do I need Smartstart to run the ACU for the Smart 2DH controller tht is connected to the Hard drive cage? Can I purchase one? (Smartstart CD 5.50 does not support this system, but can I use it to run ACU for Smart 2DH, once I use the Erase and SCU from diskettes.

Also I notice FREE ISO images can be downloaded (Proliant software Mtce pack downloads, are these the right ones for the 3000R?

Thanks for any help.