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Re: Compaq KVM 4110

Michael S Kennedy
New Member

Compaq KVM 4110

I know that this product is not sold anymore but I read on another newsgroup that Compaq once issued a software fix so that the mouse would work. Do you know if this is still available and how I can get it?

Basically my mouse doesn't work at all on any of the computers and my keyboard doesn't work on one of them.
Bernd Kurschat
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Re: Compaq KVM 4110

Dear Michael,

I discovered the same issues with my 4115. At port 3, the keyboard is not working and the mouse is not working for any of the 4 ports correctly. I solved the mouse issue in that way, that I changed the mouse tpye from "optical type" to a " ball mouse". I guess, because of the age of the kvm, it was not designed to operate an optical mouse. Somewhere I found a firmware upgrade (I have to search again) for the kvm. The firmware is stored in an eprom. As far as I know, a firmware update requires an exchange of the eprom. If you can solve your problem, It would be nice to get your solution, perhabs it could also solve my problem with the 4115.
Eckhard Lehmann
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Re: Compaq KVM 4110

I now use a "work around" and still use an optical MS-Inteli-mouse (USB mouse via PS/2 adapter).
By re-setting the keyboard/mouse the functionality comes back.
reset (on OSD i.e. arrow down three times then press )
The fix to this problem is a firmware update - an EPROM replacement ... I'm still looking for that part :(