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Compaq Prosignia 300 SCSI-3 controller.

Chris Bairstow
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Compaq Prosignia 300 SCSI-3 controller.

I have today had the above server donated to me. The previous owners seem to have replaced the SCSI-2 drives with 2 x 4.3Gb SCSI-3 drives. What they have done before being charitable is remove the SCSI-3 controller. What is my best option for replacing this controller cheaply and what operating systems would I then be able to run? The machine has 120Mb worth of RAM and is the 150 Pentium Processor. The Drives are a Compaq 4.3GB Wide -Ultra SCSI-3 P/N 339506-B21 and a Seagate Barracuda 4.3 GB P/N 9A8003-021. Any help much appreciated. Rgds Chris.
Bryan Eley
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Re: Compaq Prosignia 300 SCSI-3 controller.

Hi Chris,

I love getting free older systems too (as long as they're not too old). Ebay frequently has items for older systems, so I might try a search for something like "compaq scsi controller" and then fine tune from there.
For reference for your server parts/part numbers (if you don't have much parts documentation) see

With your particular system you could potentially get a linux server running on it without the X interface, or if you're more comfortable with Microsoft offerings, NT 4 (MAYBE Win 2000, but it would be slooooow. As an example for linux, check out Clarkconnect's free linux server software at
It has windows file sharing capabilities, vpn server ability, firewall, system monitoring and more via a pretty web-based GUI.
These are just my humble opinions...there might be wiser folk out there with better ideas.

Good luck!