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Compaq t1500h UPS

Occasional Contributor

Compaq t1500h UPS

I have a t1500h that for some reason has stopped working. When mains is attached to the device none of the indicator lights come on and none of the connected devices can get power from the UPS. When the battery is installed in the device and mains attached it occasionally makes squealing and clicking noises but still the connected devices receive no power. Does anyone know what the cause of this might be?
The fact that the devives receive no power with mains attached makes me think it could be a fuse inside the UPS??

Thanks for your input.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Compaq t1500h UPS

I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong with this unit.

Now on occasions the indicator LEDs light up in random patterns, sometimes they even stay lit for extended periods of time but still the unit fails to supply power to the attached devices.

Is this unit completely broken or is it just a fault?